— since 2016—

At Rua Visconde, in São João da Madeira, nº. 2423, we find Woody café, a pub with a nostalgic smell, led by the young presence of Tiago Amado.
This cafe, full of personality, owes its name to the dark and sturdy woods that fill its interior, both in the structures and in the original artifacts sprinkled around. It is also a salute to the past of São João da Madeira, which decades ago, in spite of its name, had one of its main incomes in the timber industry. Woody was erected at the site of the well-known Visconte café, and just as one generation invariably follows the other, the new business also brought a new life to the place where it's at, calling a clientele who appreciates the intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Any passer-by who glimpses into the interior could easily confuse Woody with a non-commercial space, simply because it does not have a counter in the traditional sense, or perhaps by the way its clientele treats Tiago as his first friend and second owner.
With a marketing management course, this young entrepreneur wanted to create a bar / cafe that revitalized San Juan's night, and his passion for cocktails led him to idealize a space where they could take center stage. In order to complete the attractive atmosphere, concerts and jams sessions are organized, in which habitués do not hesitate to strum a few notes or to deferrujar the vocal cords after a glass to serve as inspiration.
During the day, the usual clientele is also looking for the excellent toasts in Alentejo bread (known affectionately as XL toasts), chicken hamburgers and vegetarian burgers, accompanied by smoothies and smoothies.
In summer the house does not simply fill up, crammed and expands to the inviting terrace. Some houses try to recreate a certain family environment. James, serving drinks through the window of the establishment, does it with a remarkable naturalness.
The house hides secrets in the ceiling that reveal themselves when there are lunches or dinners. At this point a built-in table descends, proving that naively the limits of space are blurred and coexistence is a priority.
The Woody is a small house, with a great offer and an even greater environs, that continues to delight both San Juan and tourists. Tiago Amado welcomes everyone with imagination and open arms.  
Woody café