— since 1989 —

In an increasingly politically correct world, where everything has a time and a place, sometimes a little irreverence is required. Pina Bar, formerly known as Pinaky, exemplifies this statement well. Located in São João da Madeira, at Avenida da Misericórdia, nº 101, this place has witnessed life unfolding in the city of industry with the traquility of someone who is comfortable in their own skin. Those who enter the Pina Bar now, will not see much difference comparing it to the space that existed in 1989, because here the sofas are still scruffy, the space, still impregnated with the smell of tobacco and the usual suspects come to drink the usual drink. The only hint of change that esxists is really only generational, since the young layers are attracted by the relaxed atmosphere that defines the house from the beginning. In fact, it is interesting to observe the bar tables and realize that people of all ages frequent this house so well known to the people of São João.
The preservation of this environment and the spirit of the 80's, is in the hands of Ruth, the owner. We easily realize the reason for the continued success of the house. It’s just that Ruth is one of those people who lives and breathes restoration since the age of 16. You know? Of those rare people who not only know very well what they’re doing, but has also a passion for being behind a counter.
Her professional career already includes several establishments such as the Y bar, Praça Pública, Bicalho and Sapataria (present magnolia), all of them in São João da Madeira. In 2002, she also opened Caffeine, while maintaining activity in Pina Bar, until she worked full time in Pina. All this experience has its advantages, namely, the in-depth knowledge of San Juan's day-to-day life and its clientele, which translates into an informal and familiar treatment of them. It can be said that since the trespasse in 2008, Ruth has done the house’s name justice. Just as she continued the business created by Miguel Maia in 1989, she would also like to see her torch carried by other hands, perhaps by her children’s. It will certainly not be an easy task because Pina is always full. Be it with habitués who attend it from the opening, or younger guests, there is no shortage of people to play games of table football and arrows in the basement, or taste the delicious garlic bread. Even in winter the terrace fills up and if you want something different, try the bingo nights on Wednesday.
But above all visit this famous bar, because after all, the Pina is São João's soul.  
Pina Bar