— since 1986 —

In Rua Durbalino Laranjeira, nº 11, in São João da Madeira we find Paris Tropical, a bakery / pastry that, by its mere presence, personifies the capacity of perseverance of the owners.

The business opened on June 25, 1986, at Avenida Dr. Renato Araújo, with the joint effort of four partners who acquired a coffee / snack bar business to which they added the bakery section, Paulo Silva being one of the partners that reports the history of the establishment. The business, like many others, had its ups and downs, but in the 90s, when the accounts were made, the four entrepreneurs found it appropriate to sell the business. After the sale Paulo Silva began to work on Model Supermarket, however, the story does not ends here. On the contrary, Paulo took advantage of his new profession to develop management skills that he would put into practice later, in the new space of the reborn Paris Tropical. In truth, Paulo and Joaquim (one of the partners and also his uncle) never gave up the brand, and immediately after selling the bakery went looking for a new one, finally deciding for the present location. In the three years that followed, Paris Tropical grew, but there was still the rising costs to solve, which would make it possible to transform the previously vacant lot into the space of the two partners. Fortunately, the concept pleased the builders responsible for the work and they eventually joined the company.

Near the end of the millennium, Paris Tropical opened again its doors to the public, fixing itself in what it does best: pastry. The new space also works as a bakery. The public of the previous establishment, for its part, followed the transition, demonstrating that a house can be reviewed and appreciated far away from its original spot.
The recognition of this business was not delayed. There are already three prizes for best P.M.E, the most recent being awarded in 2014.

The establishment counts on a dedicated staff of 18 elements and has a comprehensive schedule, to the delight of the clientele at an affordable price. The sunny terrace complements the spacious interior and the relaxed atmosphere invites any passerby who stroll down Durbalino Laranjeira street, to enter.
After visiting the space, it is easy to see why.  
Paris Tropical