Pão Flor
— since 1985 —

Pão Flor is a well-known pastry shop located in Rua Dr. Renato Araújo, 197. The establishment was founded in 1982 by a company called Costa, Marques e Vila Lda., And was later acquired by two brothers, José and Manuel, his brother-in-law Moses and Mr. Leite. The business took on a family profile and was thus maintained until today, passing on the experience and all the know how from parents to children. Moisés developed his art in Venezuela, along with his son Eduardo Pinho Fernandes, who managed to conciliate the studies with the support to the family business. The sons of José, Paulo and Heitor, also dedicated themselves to Pão Flor, after some time, thus reinforcing the team. Meanwhile, Mr. Leite decided to have his well-deserved rest, confidently leaving the business in the hands of the remaining partners, followed by Moisés.

Today it’s Eduardo who tells us the story of Pão-Flor.
His watchful eye doesn’t miss anyone who enters his establishment, always ready to exchange a friendly word or a joke. Customers, in turn, also know him well and always have a snappy comeback ready.
Despite the informal environment, he’s proud that his establishment is known and recognized for the quality and efficiency of service. The cakes are all produced locally and the minds behind the Pão Flor do not hesitate to innovate some recipes, such as the use of puff pastry instead of sweet dough in their lanches, which are as appetizing as they are big. The ex-libris of Pão Flor is, however, the croissant: with cheese, ham or chocolate, there is no one who can resist it!

The last few years have brought great changes to everyday life in São João. Traditional businesses face ever greater challenges, but establishments such as Pão Flor, with the competence of their team and quality pastry, do not leave anyone indifferent.  
Pão Flor