MC Cabeleireiros
— since 2012 —

Those who pass by the door nº 2066 at Avenida Dr. Renato Araújo, in São João da Madeira, have certainly heard the sound of dryers and the hissing cut of scissors. It's just another day of work for Márcia Costa, owner of MC hairdressers.
This competent and friendly professional, from Oliveira de Azeméis, began her career in the real estate business, but has always cultivated a passion for one’s own image. At the age of twenty-one, she started in a hall in Oliveira de Azeméis, where the art of modeling and cutting hair enticed her. During this stage of her life, Márcia created strong relationships with clients and colleagues, and it was precisely this reason that made her hesitate when João, owner of the emblematic Jean Isa in São João da Madeira, invited her to work for him. João did not give up, ending up proposing that Márcia should take over the business completely. Márcia accepted this second proposal, taking into account the exceptional vote of confidence on the part of João, who only knew Márcia through a friend. She signed the papers on August 19, 2012.
In the early years of operation, our young hairdresser retained the name 'Jean Isa', however, it was later changed to 'MC Hairdressers', since her philosophy of work was different. The space was also rethought to better mirror the desired image and the product line was revised.
Márcia came to work in a house that already had a generous portfolio of clients, but despite everything, she had a great deal of work and dedication ahead of her to affirm its presence in the city of the industry.
On the other hand, many faithful clients of Oliveira de Azeméis simply did not relinquish Márcia's mastery and continue to visit her, even in São João da Madeira. For her, this is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job: 'It's gratifying to realize that people, when they like our work, come back.' She continues to live in Oliveira de Azeméis, but has already established strong relations with the people of San Joao. The salon operates by appointment, so that clients can enjoy a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere and so that Márcia can dedicate herself in a more personalized way to each client. She listens to the desires of her clientele, diagnoses the visual, outlines the best plan of action and above all, knows the people.
For this entrepreneur, washing is the basis of all work. The end result will depend on this crucial step of the process. She bets exclusively on Wella products, known for having a great research department and non-abrasive hair products. There is a constant concern to give something new to the customer, in addition to the quality and friendliness of the service.
For those looking for services besides hairdressing, this space also has an efficient aesthetic office that perfectly complements the excellent work of this professional.
It is also worth noting the home service for brides. In this stressful day for any bride, it is a weight of one’s mind to be able to revamp the visual in the comfort of one’s home. Márcia, for her part, feels proud to be chosen for these special events.
Such is MC cabeleireiros: dynamic, eclectic, inviting. Come and meet it!  
MC Cabeleireiros