Marta Santos
— since 2018 —

For many professionals with years of experience, a retrospective look on their part is sometimes revealing of a long and rich journey. This is the case of Marta SantosMarta Santos, owner of the namesake hairdressing salon located at Enedina Garcia Street, No. 30, in São João da Madeira, who, in telling us the history of her business, realized how much she had already achieved.

The road to success began to be traced as early as her teenage years. At the age of 15 she had already scissors in hand, accumulating know-how in an area that fascinated her from an early age. Shortly thereafter, she began to cut hair on Saturdays in a salon. It’s however, necessary to add theory to the practice and, at age 16, Marta enrolled in Decel in Arrifana. Three years of intensive learning prepared our future hairdresser to face any challenge. The first was soon to come. Marta's good performance on the course had captured the eye of the Jury's president who promptly invited her to work with her. The salon where she worked the longest, however, would be the Michelle salon, in São João da Madeira, where she practiced her art for seven years.

In 2014, shortly after the transfer of this establishment, she ventured to create her own business. Despite the salon she came to occupy being small, Marta's mastery continued to delight customers. The success that the house had during the four years allowed her, in 2018, to acquire a new space. At no. 30 of Enedina Garcia Street, our entrepreneur had all the conditions to offer an excellent service to those who visited her. The large space and the landlord’s will to help out allowed her to have, among other things, sound insulation and bathrooms for people with mobility difficulties, which brought about the level of comfort and professionalism that Marta ambitioned. The fact that the salon began to function by appointments also removed some pressure on service and wait times, which ultimately resulted in a more relaxed atmosphere.

The abundance of space has also given rise to a whole range of solutions and services with regards to the beauty and health of the body. Along with haircuts, styles and perms, are the laser hair removal diodes, keratin treatments, detox masks, hair discoloration, hair coloring (with or without ammonia) to mention just a few possibilities. The solarium and the spa service are a recent bet by Marta who provide their clients with that extra treat. The salon is a certified sales outlet for Australian Gold products, which allow the customization of tans, through various shades and glitters, such as matte black, beluga or choco me. As for capillary products, the brands of choice are Wella, L'oreal and Schwarzkopf, with special emphasis on Kin.
Despite all this beauty and sophistication, Marta was always an apologist of the value of humility. Her sympathy and openness continues to captivate clients both on and off the premises and her art evolves from year to year, with the continuing formations in which he participates. Now there is only one more dream, to see her son Gonçalo follow in her footsteps. At the age of four, he likes to wash hairs. Seems to be on the right track ...

It’s true that in the salon Marta Santos, you find the ideal space to relax, to pamper yourself, to feel even more beautiful, but above all you’ll discover that the constant attention based on simplicity and sympathy will uncover a new and radiant image.
Marta waits for your visit, in the certainty that you will be happier leaving than when you entered.  
Marta Santos