— since 2013 —

Nowadays our senses are assailed by a multiplicity of stimuli and offers. The businesses and brands that navigate this wave, bring us incredible reports, unique cultural pieces, the genesis of an idea, in short, provide a meaningful experience. Like so many other things in life, they are moments that sometimes require time to be appreciated in their fullness, which we can not always abdicate.

Rui Resende and César Resende, aware of life's twists and turns, the tight lunch hours and the frenzy of everyday life present us with a different concept in the 'City of Work' based on pragmatism and accessibility. Located in Avenida da Misericórdia, nº 85 and inaugurated on January 2, 2013, Lowminosa is a pastry / restaurant that offers a fast, efficient, informal service of unquestionable quality. The layout of the space reveals a good flow of customers (self-service style), without the usual pushing and shoving, where you can immediately check out the great variety of menus and pastry / cafeteria offerings, without having to wait for a table service that so often presents us with long waiting periods.

The house owes its name to the association with the luminous roundabout of the street where it is located and to the practice of competitive prices of the products, having already affirmed itself as a place of election of many sanjoanenses. Since 2013, Lowminosa has been progressing steadily and since then has been accompanied by a concern in maintaining and creating a pleasant space for both customers and employees. In fact, through the willingness and smiles exchanged between both parties, we can assert without presumption, that what separates them is just the counter. The reader could be mistaken in thinking that, due to all this speed and agility, Lowminosa requires third parties to make their menus and pastry. Not at all: the production and confectionery is made on the spot, with excellent mastery, of which bread and croissants are excellent examples.

Come to know this space, at your disposal from 6:30 to 20:00 and take note: however much the service is fast, the smile and good humour of the staff and owners always invites to stay a little longer.