— since 2014—

On October 4, 2014, Diogo Lima and Filipa Martins opened the doors of the Image Fashion Store, at Avenida da Misericórdia, 93, in São João da Madeira, a store marked by the exclusivity and variety of its clothes and shoes offer.
Filipa took the Basic Education course in Aveiro and Diogo is like a fish in the water when it comes to communication technologies.
Both worked in the Sonae group and it was precisely during this period that they started discussing the possibility of starting a business in São João da Madeira, in an area that the city really needed. In fact, the brainstorming was quite fast and they soon found an appealing space in the city of industry, in a street full of movement and life.

The initial bet was in women's fashion, however, after 2014, ended up selling more men's clothes, since this was the offer that really lacked in São João da Madeira.
Regardless of the change, the philosophy of the shop kept up. The Image Fashion Store works with exclusive contracts with suppliers, in order to bring their customers that special look. The clothes are of limited production to guarantee local exclusivity. On the shelves and exhibitors of the store we find brands like Zolf, Caveman, Gustaff Sarrafera, Enimigo and Siksilk, bringing together in this way what is best done in Portugal and in the rest of the world.

In addition to the dynamism and planning that allowed them to meet their audience, Diogo and Filipa have another asset, the ability to identify consumer trends and anticipate the evolution of the business. This enabled them to make timely bets on new communication technologies and to create an efficient e-commerce platform (online sales), with a high degree of customization that meets customer requirements. This approach to commerce does not seek to distort the concept of a physical store, but rather to provide a comfortable alternative to purchasing. Anyone who visits the Image Fashion Store and appreciates the impeccable layout of the offer, as well as the original decoration, quickly realizes that this is a store thought of the continuity of the face-to-face worksale. They consider that initiatives that bring together marketers are essential, since traditional commerce faces competition that already makes abundant use of these new communication strategies. Both Diogo and Filipa are convinced that the proximity trade needs to have its eyes set on the future to continue to be relevant.
The Image Fashion Store opens its doors for you, invites you to enter with a smile on your lips, and challenges anyone to discover a new look and the new 'me'.

Image Fashion Store