— since 2013 —

In Rua do Ouro, nº 214 in São João da Madeira, a couple decided to share with the city, an unrivaled delicacy, the tripa. Their stories begin in different countries and areas, united by taste and also by love, where it culminates in the city of industry, in the form of the Casa da tripa.

Simmey, a native of Brazil, came to Portugal eleven years ago, where she studied media. She worked for many years in a mall, but was eventually unemployed, which led her to think of a professional alternative.

Isaías, in turn, grew up in his father's restaurant, Mário Barros, in São João da Madeira, where he acquired excelent customer service values, put into practice when he set up his own business, the Billiard Shop. Despite the dedication towards the business, the difficulties got the better of him and he had to close doors.

The course of the two intersects, first in love and later in a second passion. In 2012, Isaías went to Aveiro with Simei, to have a go with a game of billiards. The night was long and when leaving the bar they felt the unmistakable smell of tripa in the atmosphere of Aveiro. He decided to let his wife know about the famous delicacy. Shimei thought it was Porto's tripas à moda do Porto and was not too thrilled by the prospect of such a dish at that hour. Of course Isaías explained that it was something different and insisted that she prove it. Shimei did not like it ... the first one that she tasted that is, but ended up eating one in Ovar that she loved.

They began discussing the possibility of marketing the delicacy, and the idea arose of doing it in various parts of the country, at parties and gatherings. Initially the adventure went well, but in winter the number of parties was reduced, which led the couple to ask in 2013 for a license to the camera to install a trailer in the center of São João Square. At night, the dark, empty square did not seem like a very good choice, but the light from the tripa trailerl began to glow more and more intensely until it was a beacon that helped to energize that part of the city.

The business grew and the couple managed to acquire a more permanent space, near the square and eventually a second store in Santa Maria da Feira. The effort to maintain the two stores, however, was unbearable for the couple, who now counted on one more small and fragile presence that required a lot of attention. They decided to close the store in Santa Maria da Feira to better dedicate themselves to their child and to concentrate efforts in São João. For this they moved to a larger store, a place of the old Zulmiro pastry shop, which later gave the place to the sports store Energy .

With the help of a respected chef, the couple developed their own tripa dough and the menu was expanded to include Italian handmade ice creams, tapioca, waffles, acai and natural juices. The dynamism of the couple leads them to organize events inside and outside the establishment. The birthday parties delight the little ones, while the nutella day delights all the people of San Juan.
So you know, if you're in São João da Madeira, jump into Casa da Tripa. You can try the always-appealing chocolate tripa or explore the more experimental side of Casa da Tripa. Maybe a cheese with chocolate?  
Casa da Tripa